I have been a pladis Ambassador for many years and we identified needing to give more room to this category in-store and the new Better Biscuits guide was a perfect time to revisit this.

I used Better Biscuits to better my biscuits sales and can’t get a much better guide! We are delighted with the 55% sales increase we have seen. It is merchandised clearer to the customers , builds on the strength of our fixture and gives me, as a retailer, confidence to maintain the disciplines that Better Biscuits suggests.

My Top Tip

Locate Biscuits next to hot beverages to maximise cross-selling.

My favourite biscuit:

McVitie’s Caramel Digestives

McVities Milk Chocolate Caramel Digestive takes the tried and tested formula of the Milk Chocolate Digestive (Britain’s number 1 biscuit) and adds a delicious layer of caramel.