I own a Premier store in High Wycombe, measuring 600 square feet. It’s a neighbourhood shop, situated on a parade. Mums come in, and there is a school across the road, so lots of kids too. I currently have a one bay Biscuit fixture.

I didn’t realise just how important biscuits are! It enables the average basket spend to go up.  9 out of 10 of my customers eat Biscuits, which is higher than I’d thought.

My Top Tip

Biscuits are an impulsive purchase, and the impulse category is where we make money! The average Biscuit price point is £1, so compared to a bar of chocolate it’s a higher margin on impulse buying.

My favourite biscuit:

McVitie’s Chocolate Hobnob, any day of the week!

McVities Plain Chocolate Hob Nobs have been one of the Britain’s favourite biscuits since 1984, and can be found in almost every kitchen across the UK. Once you have opened the packet you will find it hard to put them down.