I own a One-Stop store in Wolverhampton, measuring 850 square feet. It’s a community store with very little transient trade – mostly the same faces.

I currently have one bay for Biscuits, but I am looking to double up to two bays. Retailers  should look carefully at the range – there are around 5000 different Biscuit products, but the top 50 account for over 80% of cash sales across the category, so be selective!

My Top Tip

Locate Biscuits next to hot beverages to maximise cross-selling.

My favourite biscuit:

McVitie’s Chocolate Digestive, closely followed by the McVitie’s Chocolate Orange Digestive.

The ever popular McVities milk chocolate digestive is a much loved step-up from the plain McVities Digestive. This fantastic biscuit is enjoyed all over the world, and has been since as far back as 1925.