go ahead! Crispy Fruit Slices

Yummy, light crispy biscuits with a delicious fruit flavoured filling perfect to liven up your snack o'clock! We know. We tried.

go ahead! Yogurt Breaks

Yummy, light, crispy biscuits with fruit flavoured fillings. Oh, and we've topped it all off with a delicious yogurty topping!

Source: Nielsen Symbols & Independents Biscuits data to 05/11/2022 and Kantar Biscuits data to 25/12/2022

Interesting Facts

from the Annual Biscuit Review 2021

On average, shoppers bought biscuits 47 times during 2022 (2.2 packs per trip).

Biscuits are universally loved, with all demographics enjoying biscuits. However, over 47% of all biscuits consumed are by adults aged 55+.

Source: Kantar 52 w/e 25.12.22

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