5 Steps to Success

Our 5 Steps are easy to understand and implement – in fact, retailers who have already tried and tested it 2019 saw their Biscuit sales grow by over 20%...

5 Steps to Success

Best Sellers

We have pulled together a list of the best selling biscuits that will help you drive your sales in store!

Best Sellers

What is a Planogram?

A planogram is a diagram showing where products should sit on a fixture. We have a range of planograms in this section, covering different store sizes. Using these planograms will ensure your shelf space is working as hard as possible!

Why use planograms?

– More space to best sellers – keep shoppers’ favourites always available

– Similar product types grouped together – shoppers can easily find what they want

– Strong brand blocking – signpost the category through recognisable brands

Block key brands together

Put top sellers at eye level

Make prices easy to see

What are price marked packs (PMP)?

A PMP (price marked pack) is a pack with a Recommended Retail Price printed on by the product manufacturer.

57% of Convenience shoppers like PMPs, as they provide clarity and transparency about a product’s price, as well as the perception of better value.

The majority of lines in our Best Sellers list are available in PMP formats from your local wholesaler.

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