Step 1

Stock the Best Sellers

With over 4,500 biscuit lines available in Convenience, selecting the perfect Biscuit range can be confusing!

However, with 80% of sales coming through just 5% of products, putting the best sellers on fixture is key to driving sales.

Providing clear core range advice is at the heart of what we do – discover our shopping list of best sellers below!

Best Sellers

Step 2

Make the fixture easy to shop

Shoppers believe Convenience stores are harder to shop than supermarkets… but if they can’t find what they’re looking for, 47% will walk away!

It is important to make the fixture easy-to-shop through clear merchandising – and we have planogram suggestions to suit every store type!


Step 3

Drive excitement through new news

We know Convenience shoppers LOVE trying new products – 51% have tried a new item in the last month!

Capitalise on the desire to try something new through making sure you bring new news into your range, and drive impulse purchasing through making sure new products stand out.

New News within Biscuits

Step 4

Make biscuits impossible to miss

Convenience shoppers are highly impulsive, with 55% making unplanned purchases on their last visit to store – and we know Biscuits is a highly impulsive category!

Locate Biscuits at high footfall areas to attract shopper attention.

Ensure Biscuits are sited next to complimentary categories, such as tea and coffee.

Add kit solutions to help Biscuits stand out on shelf.

Step 5

Cater to new events and occasions

Convenience shoppers needs and missions are changing – thinking about how we can take Biscuits beyond the year-round roll wrap and into new events and occasions can drive incremental sales!

HFSS Regulations

For the latest guidance on HFSS regulations, please refer to the government website.

HFSS Regulations

Win a selection of core range products worth over £250

For the chance to win, relay your fixture using the Better Biscuits planogram! See our planograms to find the right size bay and store location which fits your store. Send us a before and after photo of your new relay to to be in with a chance to win!

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