pladis is one of the world’s fastest
growing global snacking companies.

As the parent company of McVitie’s, Meredith & Drew and Jacob’s, we’re the proud steward of over 300 years of family baking and confectionery expertise.

At our heart we’re bakers and chocolatiers, delighting consumers with products such as sweet and savoury biscuits, wafer, cake, chocolate, gum and candy. We’re good at what we do, and our technical strength and ability to compete across the spectrum of the snacks market can’t be matched.

We set out to promise happiness with every bite.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Hospitality Action to raise awareness of mental health in the hospitality industry, recognising the personal and professional challenges people face, and providing support to those who need it. And a brew, a biscuit and a chat is a great place to start.

Hospitality: Portion packed for hygiene and portion size control

Sweet Biscuits:
McVities Digestive 2 biscuit mini pack 48 x 29g (48020)
McVities Milk Chocolate Digestive 2 biscuit mini pack 48 x 33.3g (38957)
McVities All Butter Shortbread Twin Finger 48 x 40g (71482)
Meredith & Drew Assorted 3 biscuit mini pack 100 x 29g (36693)
Crawfords Minipacks Assorted 100 x 2 biscuit mini packs (99848)

Godiva masterpieces chocolate ganache heart 30g (37281)
Godiva masterpieces chocolate caramel lion 32g (37282)

Chocolate Biscuit Bars:
McVities Penguin single bars 4 x 48 x 25g (30279)
Club Orange single bars 60 x 23g (3111)
Club Mint single bars 60 x23g (3227)

Meredith & Drew Mini OatyFlapjack 100 x 26g (38817)

Savoury & Baked biscuits:
Jacobs Table Cracker 176 x 9.5g (33090)
Jacobs Cream Crackers 2 cracker mini pack 168 x 12g (2900)
Carrs Table Water 2 cracker mini pack 150 x 10g (13688)
Mini Cheddars Handypack Original 44 x 35g (36599)
Jacobs Mini Cheddars Original 208 x 25g (38840)

Hospitality: Catering

Sweet Biscuits:
McVities Digestive 12 x 400g (45890)
Digestive Sweetmeal Bulk 1 x 14kg (60708) (bag 33m buttons Tollcross)
McVities Tasties Digestive 24 x 300g (30567)
McVities Milk Choc Digestives 12 x 266g (32572)
McVities Ginger Nuts 24 x 250g (21141)
McVities Tasties Ginger Nuts 24 x 300g (30582)
McVitie’s Family Circle 620g

Savoury biscuits:
Jacobs BFC 6 x 900g (19091)
Jacobs Cream Crackers 12 x 300g (2897)
CarrsTable Water Small 24 x 125g (80901)