New News within Biscuits

New products are important for shoppers and they’re particularly important to the biscuit category. New products entice shoppers to the fixture whilst they shop in store for their regular purchase and as such can drive incremental sales.

In the last 5 years, Sweet Biscuits has grown by £51m through branded new products in the market which shows the interest consumers have in new flavours and formats within the category.

In 2020 new products played an important role for consumers as they looked for interesting items in their shop to treat their households throughout lockdowns which resulted in 11.4% of the Sweet Biscuits sales coming from new products.

We know it’s difficult to keep on top of new releases in the market when there are so many products available within the biscuits category, so we’ve pulled together some of recent releases into the market.

Here’s our lowdown on the recent NPD which would make a great feature in store and entice your shoppers:

*Sources: Nielsen Scantrack Total Market, 52WE, 02.01.2021

Cadbury Nuttier: Coconut & Almond, Cranberry, Almond & Peanut, and Peanut & Almond.-  (launched December 2020)

Cadbury Bourneville Fingers (launched October 2020)

pladis VIBs – Blood Orange and Hazelnut (launched July 2020)

Biscoff Creams – Biscoff, Vanilla and Chocolate (launched June 2020)

Flipz Salted Caramel (launched June 2019)